Minecraft’s virtual ‘Minecon Earth’ convention will take place on September 29

“…so this year, we’re hosting a few panels where you can share your Minecraft insight. Submit your ideas for panels – if yours makes the cut we’ll record it and show it at MINECON Earth!” If you want to watch the virtual convention for yourself, tune in to the official Minecraft website on September 29 …

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EtaundraMC – Survival PvP Minecraft Server

EtaundraMC is a small and relaxed Survival PvP Minecraft server on Minecraft version 1.12.2. We are hoping to form a small, friendly, and tightknit community. We’ve been off and on for the past year or two and are proud to present you with this server. The server is still considered to be in beta, …

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Minecraft Server Developer Job in Denver, CO at Colorado Code Club LLC

We started a Spigot Minecraft server last year that is used to host Minecraft Adventure Camps for kids over the summer. While we designed the builds, towns and quests that the campers would participate in, we had a Developer helping us out with the back-end programming of the server—particularly …

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Shop – Professional Minecraft/Server Services

Hi there, my name is Tyler (Atmazphere). I am an 18 year old male from Canada that has been in the Minecraft scene since 2010. That’s a whole 8 years of a block world (help me..). Anyways, I’m am offering server setups, management and a few more things now since I am bored and have nothing else …

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Minecraft realms console

Minecraft Realms will launch later this year on console, although players on Xbox One can try it now for free. Due to not having two pc’s anymore and wJun 11, 2017 The Bedrock shift also means that console players will have access to Minecraft Realms. In 2015, Multicraft: The Minecraft server admin …

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Minecraft movecraft airship server

[Skylands|Airships we run Minecraft servers for over a year! Type "/movecraft types" to see other airship types. By using our site you can easily find the appropriate minecraft server for the game. Resize; Like. Rating Minecraft servers with plugin movecraft. Hey guys im really bored and have looked all …

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