New server build contest for prizes

New server build contest for prizes. 1 emerald 0 replies 1 view | started about 19 hours from now by Uranite. Hey all! My server is hosting a creative build contest. Everybody has access to WorldEdit. The IP is uranite.fluctis.com, and the theme is “mystic”. The winner will get a special rank, as well as some …

Minecraft VPS Hosting via New server build contest for prizes.


People doing fake MVP+ Giveaways.

Well, a guy named ‘ZeecoYT’ that’s his IGN as well. Well he has 150 subscribers, and he was doing a MVP+ giveaway and the giveaway winner didn’t exist as a minecraft user, because I always like to look at who won, just in-case, and well I found out that the giveaway winner didn’t even exist as a real …

Minecraft VPS Hosting via People doing fake MVP+ Giveaways..