Australian Server Competitive not working

Just got into 1 game but I was put in Europe server, so thats the australian problem what about regular states players Need a Minecraft Server? Get your own Fast Australian Minecraft Server from Minecraft Server Australia Today! It is Premium Australian Minecraft Hosting. Can anyone confirm this?

Minecraft VPS Hosting via Australian Server Competitive not working.


Introducing my country, Korea!

Hello! Today I decided to post a thread introducing my country, Korea! You may have heard of this country, probably heard of North Korea more then South Korea, but I am here to tell you all about South Korea! IN this thread I will include our countries History(only from 1900), Korean Food and Korea …

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Cloud 9 server ip

1. listen(process. IP);. Lemon Cloud, a minecraft server, located in United States of America This tutorial explains how to setup ownCloud 9. VOTE HERE: Cloud 9 is a factions survival server with a friendly community, great staff dedicated to helping you, so join today! Lemon Cloud, a minecraft server, …

Minecraft VPS Hosting via Cloud 9 server ip.