Looking to Give Ownership of a Once Successful Server (Free Hosting)

Hello PMC, I am the former owner of a moderately successful Minecraft server called “Eden Universe”. I started the server when I was very young, and was able to grow it until we would have around 50 players on at a time. Over it’s lifespan, I was fortunate enough to make approximately $5,000. I started …

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RezzMC – New OP Prison Server!

Our server on PlanetMC: goo.gl/fdwCDG RezzMC is a brand new OP Prison Server! The Owner of RezzMC has owned several separate servers previously and this may be his final try. Once this server becomes more successful, it will be expanded to a Network server (NON-PROFIT SERVER).

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New Server… Good host? – Streamer

Hello! I am BillySeach. I am a stream with just over seven thousand followers on Twitch.TV. I am looking to start a factions server. I know everyone’s dream is to start a successful server, and of course they say it will be. I really don’t know what it will be like. I want to make a FACTIONS SERVER by …

Minecraft VPS Hosting via New Server… Good host? – Streamer.


Mineserver corporation

I’ve known people at Microsoft since the company was two years old so it was easy to reach out for Mar 18, 2016 Minecraft server software is free, Mojang makes its money (lots of money) from client licenses, so they and Microsoft ought to want third-party hardware like ours to be successful. [hide]. ssh …

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