Steer clear from TheMinecraftHosting

This has been said before unfortunately, but I’ll say it again just to raise awareness. I was stupid enough not to look into them deep enough to just deduce from basic reasoning that this is a scummy and awful hosting provider. This was mostly due to me being on a deadline to get dedicated hosting as …

Minecraft VPS Hosting via Steer clear from TheMinecraftHosting.


Looking for VERY cheap, VERY good VPS Hosting Company!

Hello, I am Ambamore2000, and am currently in the search for a very cheap, with alot of RAM usage. I am looking at a price range like…. $7/month for 6 GB. This may seem stupid, but there is https://vpsdime.com/#, they are real, but they strictly do not allow minecraft servers. It doens’t really have to be $7/month for 6 GB, it can also be probably somewhere between $10-30/month for 10 GB. Just post any cheap and good vps hosting also.

Minecraft VPS Hosting via Looking for VERY cheap, VERY good VPS Hosting Company!.