Noob needs help starting a MC server

Hello there. As you might be able to tell by the title I’m trying to start a minecraft server but I’m a complete newbie on the subject. I have a vague idea of what to do thanks to our good friend google luckily. However I still have a few questions that I would love to be answered. Even if you…

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SammyCraft – Join now – Whitelisted – Small Server!

Hey there, looking for a small, caring Minecraft server? Well, you’re in luck! Here at SammyCraft, we hope to bring joy to all our players and make everyone feel at home. Once we get a thew more players, I will start hosting events, like building competitions and who can gather the most people to come to …

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How to make back money after investing $400+ into a server?

Is this even minecraft related? Host a mc server is all we could say with such little infomation, although by how vauge you are id recommend not wasting it so randomly, start small, 10$ a month host and learn or if your doing it just for your self while you learn use a local test server, But eitherway edit the …

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Minecraft testfor time

Minecraft testfor time. If the username is taken, you can look up its UUID here as well. mcstatus – Minecraft You can’t perform that action at this time. In a Minecraft multiplayer server game, You can do this each time you start playing the world again. Your country’s territory was …

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