RELIC – Progressive MINECRAFT ALPHA SERVER (a1.2.6) old-school SMP server!

A love project that I have been yearning to do for a couple of years now. I want the revitalize the sweet vanilla old-school SMP experience by going back to the roots, to a simpler time. Relic is an Alpha Survival Multiplayer server starting version a1.2.6 and progressing through the later stages of the game …

Minecraft VPS Hosting via RELIC – Progressive MINECRAFT ALPHA SERVER (a1.2.6) old-school SMP server!.


Minecraft server status html

KhepriGames Server Status. By entering the IP address and the port of your Minecraft SMP server, you can check whether it’s online or offline. An offline icon (offline. Jul 5, 2012 Have you ever needed to have a script check whether a Minecraft server was online, or retrieve its listing information, like the …

Minecraft VPS Hosting via Minecraft server status html.


Requesting – Server w unlimited slots

Looking for a host with the following: – $1 or less for one GB/month – Unlimited slots – Unlimited plugins – FTP access – Sub domain would be nice but isn’t required. Don’t know if anyone actually hosts this cheap, server either going to be used for an SMP, a build server, or kitpvp (not sure atm) but just for …

Minecraft VPS Hosting via Requesting – Server w unlimited slots.