‘Staff Recruitment’ in Services & Recruitment

Hey, Title says it – I think a section for staff recruitment should be added to the ‘Services & Recruitment’ section. This section doesn’t only have to be specifically for minecraft server staff but also hosting staff recruitment etc.. I’m just asking for a generalised Staff Recruitment section where I could go to and …

Minecraft VPS Hosting via ‘Staff Recruitment’ in Services & Recruitment.


VPS – Windows or Linux

Hey there! Before we start, I don’t know if this is correct section. I don’t mind where this thread will move by moderator. Can you guys recommend which version is easy to handle when setup Minecraft server? I planning to rent VPS on GoDaddy. Maybe you can give me pros and cons??. That’s all.

Minecraft VPS Hosting via VPS – Windows or Linux.


Minecraft battlegrounds server

In the meantime, teasers for the server will be posted in the announcements section on Discord, which you can join by clicking the “Join” button on the Discord module to the right of this post. GunColony [GUNCOLONY. Name: Traitor's Playground [BattleGround]|24/7 Minecraft| Game: Garry’s Mod …

Minecraft VPS Hosting via Minecraft battlegrounds server.