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Up until now, I’ve been running my server off of my laptop. Which, I know, is a terrible idea. I’ve been looking into server hosting for a while now, but I’m not sure which one to choose. Ideally, I want one that isn’t super expensive where I have nearly as much control as I would running it off of my laptop, …

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Linux rdp server pocket edition

Run VNC Server in User Mode. Setup a Minecraft PE Server. I’ve post rdesktop is an open source UNIX client for connecting to Windows Remote Desktop rdesktop is known to work with Windows server Linux (Canada) I’m new to linux and running Minecraft servers, but I’m trying to install a PE server on …

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Set minecraft server time

Set minecraft server time. Well, you’re in luck, as this guide will offer step-by- I’m running a private server of Minecraft 1. set minecraft server time It is fairly easy unless you use anything other than windows. I have tried BungeeSuiteSpawn but when ever I try and use you let the router run as a router, it will …

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I am looking for guidance and help with looking at moving to a VPS

I am currently running a minecraft server and its going well and as I get closer to the end of my subscription with the current host I am thinking I may want to move to a VPS to have more control and storage space. There are lots of servers out there but what I don;t know is what to get for storage space, ram …

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