Welcome To FrostyFactions!-[——– If you are reading this right now Thank you for your time. But, To explain what/who we are, I will tell you some of the cool things about us. We are a dedicated Faction PvP Server, Spawners, Shops, Ranks, Awesome Commands, Welcoming Messages, and Lots more!

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Minecraft Server Website Promotion – Advertising Freelance Job….

Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you very much for reading the project description. I am looking to promote my Minecraft Server Website in order to get more new players playing at the server. The website is: http://resoluciones.bigcityhost.ml/ I look forward to your offer. Thank you very much and best regards!

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Break The Pattern

I’m glad that many of you are reading this. You are wondering what I have to say. I am encouraging you to NOT be like your friends. don’t follow your friends, but be like Jesus Christ who loves and cares for you, and wants you to break the pattern. the pattern is to become like your older brother or older …

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