Welcome To FrostyFactions!-[——– If you are reading this right now Thank you for your time. But, To explain what/who we are, I will tell you some of the cool things about us. We are a dedicated Faction PvP Server, Spawners, Shops, Ranks, Awesome Commands, Welcoming Messages, and Lots more!

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Minecraft premade factions server

Minecraft premade factions server. This map gives owners a decent spawn servers. I’m looking for a premade factions server with permissions and ranks already setup, as well as a shop setup in spawn This is “Pre-Made Minecraft Factions Server Download! (1. 0 is and will be allowed on our and …

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MineCraft Server Need Staff [Developer] [Trainee]

Hello , Im The Owner of Proximomc a new survival server thats going under work to be set up , we have done the basics now im looking for 2 developers who will be able to work with each other on the server doing ranks perms and other things that need doing , im hoping to get the server set up before …

Minecraft VPS Hosting via MineCraft Server Need Staff [Developer] [Trainee].


Server tags for levels

Many people on this server don’t have the money to buy ranks and don’t have any tags except for ‘Rookie’, which i find unfair. I was thinking as well as having rank tags for some, that we could have some for the level that you are aswell, like for every hundred people you get a different name thing, not …

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