Itemcraft bad packet id

I install Minecraft on my VPS https://my.vps6.net/knowledgebase/27/How-to- Install-Minecraft-Server-on-CentOS-VPS.html My VPS has 512MB ram and 1 core.. May 3, 2011 . ItemCraft Version:1.6.6 [IMG] Description: ItemCraft is a Bukkit mod that allows adding new item and block types, crafting and …

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Requesting – So I bought a server by accident….

I’ll keep this simple. I managed to buy a server by accident. No. Not a minecraft server, a full on server ( it’s at my house ) can you guys tell me what it’s worth? What could I sell it for? I know some guys here own hosting companies. It has 2 dual PSUs ( redundancy I suppose ) , 16GB DDR3 Ram, a 4 core, …

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Minecraft server requirements

svg This article is about the server requirements of the current Minecraft PC version, 1. May 23, 2017 System Requirements To start, you need a Linux system with a fair amount of Random Access Memory (RAM). Before we get started, you need test the speed of your internet connection. . About 2 …

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I'm currently looking to move server hosts, I'm only interested in the BEST server hosts. The server I currently run averages about 30 players. We are on 32 GB of ram with a shit ton of extra stuff, How ever the server continues to crash and have many issues in which have been going on for some time …

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