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IP moocraftpvp.beastmc.com Server Description MOO CRAFT centres around pvp and legit survival.. No factions either, so raiding is just like vanilla Minecraft raiding.. •Griefing is Allowed •Raiding is Allowed •Optifine is Allowed •All Hacked Clients And Mods Are Not Allowed. (Jail/Ban) •Spamming is Not …

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Zesty PvP

Zesty PvP! is my brand new server built around factions and pvp. For starters, basically anything is allowed such as griefing, stealing, raiding, etc. The server is VERY new and isn’t fully complete at all, but I’m working hard to make it the best experience for everyone. IP. …

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r9k/ – Any comfy Minecraft server?

>>41604220. Agreed. I remember the Land o Feels server lasted about 6 good months, and while there was a bit of abuse of power from the admin, it was a fun time. If it has raiding, then it will attract normies more than if it didn’t. >> Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)13:42:51 No.41604713. Anonymous …

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Raid alerts minecraft

AlertPvp: Welcome Minecrafters To AlertPvp! Factions, Raiding, Pvp, Shops, Auctions, Drop Parties, In Gaming Applying, Daily Events, Needs Staff And S Nov 12, 2017 · CrateCraft, a minecraft server, located in United States of America Find the best Minecraft servers with our multiplayer server list. Mar 2 …

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