Demon vps

Using the Repair Mode for a Linux VPS is similar to using a Linux Live CD to boot a broken system and make repairs. That usually works pretty well for Minecraft servers. py runserver it and keep the terminal opened, this has to be running to keep the django server running. It creates aIs the ultimate …

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Minecraft realms command block

2 Minecraft Pocket Edition; 3 Command Block; Commands General. ask. instructables. com/youtube?q=minecraft+realms+command+block&v=SEizBisfNko Jul 1, 2014 Tyler go creative in the Seejaykay realm server with the command block! This is a pretty cool tutorial on command blocks, we have lots …

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Warning! CuriousFriend Impersonator!

I gather here, at my trusted community to talk about an issue within Factions. I do not know how severe this is, but it is pretty bad. One map ago, someone by the IGN of ‘wo1fpacks’ insided my faction. We kicked his sorry ***, and now he was gone. Then the new map came around, and things started to …

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Minecraft homestead modpack server

Its running with the Homestead modpack from the ATlauncher its pretty great and paid for a server, incase you do own minecraft you are welcome to join me :3 Tags: dam, dark, game, gameplay, games, gaming, homestead, hydro, indie, long, A Minecraft Mini-Series of an awesome 1. Welcome to this …

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Glowstone Minecraft server

One of the biggest pain points with running a Minecraft server is the onerous memory requirements. Java needs a ton of memory to get out of bed, and after that it's not always pretty with how the allocator works. That's fine on an enterprise server with 64GB of memory, but not cool when you're paying …

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