[PC][NA] Airborne Server’s Gaming Community

We own a dedicated Server that is hosting Multiple Minecraft Servers, customized, and ran by the community (Looking for Builders, moderators, Devs), ARK survival Evolved, Squad (awaiting official server approval), 7 Days to Die (needs Dev/Admin to run), we are also looking people to help design a …

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How To Build A Pirate Ship In Minecraft

game · minecraft · servers. VPS Hosting is the common choice now for small as well as medium scale enterprises. VPS Hosting is cost effective as well as feature rich so people find it more attractive as compared to dedicated servers as well as Shared Hosting solutions. It comes in two forms namely …

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Freebuild server, currency, home teleports, and more! New server, with the current 1.12.2 minecraft version. Fun server with cool people, and friendly mods. Large map, and was created in the beginning of Febuary 2018. We are looking to create a good, family friendly community for people of all ages.

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Minecraft cryptocurrency

Seems like cryptos and gaming have a bright future ahead! by beltane There is a new Bitcoin Minecraft Server that just opened up!!! Looks good so far! check it out!!! BitcoinCraft 104. Bitcoin. The idea was brilliant and upon its launch, many people liked the idea and the platform quickly grew to Minecraft …

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