Requesting – Looking for a WINDOWS VPS! $15/month

Hello! So I am currently paying for a server for my GTA V server and currently pay $11.95. I am looking for a host for a Windows VPS so I can host my main server and a test one. $15 is the max that I will spend. I need it with decent specs, up to 3GB of RAM would be nice, and about 40-50GB of storage.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdzP9gQsJsk. The main idea of this server is to be like how minecraft classic freebuild servers were. With a pretty small world, so every one is closer together, a bedrock wall for pixel art, a water way grid for transport & dividing the islands, and a small bedrock spawn …

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5 best VPN tools for Minecraft to enjoy a smooth gaming session

There are a lot of games in this world, but only a few have managed to experience such a lengthy evolution as Minecraft. Fans have been addicted to it for years, and they enjoyed the pleasure or in some cases tasted the horror of hosting their own servers. One of the main reasons for which it’s …

Minecraft VPS Hosting via 5 best VPN tools for Minecraft to enjoy a smooth gaming session.


Minecraft/Server-Client Log

[12:50:11] [main/INFO]: Reloading ResourceManager: Default, FMLFileResourcePack:Forge Mod Loader, FMLFileResourcePack:Minecraft Forge, FMLFileResourcePack:AI Improvements, FMLFileResourcePack:Animania, FMLFileResourcePack:Backpacks!, FMLFileResourcePack:B.A.S.E, …

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