Minecraft Server Status, Online Players, and Top Players Bug

Hello, my username is Blue_Fred and I am currently developing a website for a server I will host in the next couple of months. I come on my server and check the website and I am logged in. When I log out, my website still registers me as being online EVEN when the server is offline. This also logs false …

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Most reliable and secure web host?

Please drop your recommendations as I am curious to see. Please do not recommend Minecraft hosting companies that offer web hosting unless they’re known to offer a secure and reliable environment. Looking more for sites dedicated to just web hosting. #1 razorkings, A moment ago · (You must log in …

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How to ban someone on minecraft server

Example. Global, 5600331 · metis10 Apr 30, 2016 The rule is that you can’t sell any game feature for money. To turn on your whitelist, log into Multicraft, select and start your server and follow these steps: 1. Enter the command “ban username” to ban someone or “pardon username” to As an admistrator …

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Xenforo minecraft server themes

No information about your server other than the board URL is passed. I run a Minecraft server and I am looking for a good style to use. xenforo,green,drak,premium. just curious where do y’all get your skins? Log in or Sign up. MINECRAFT PREMIUM – by GhostPlayer. We’ve been consistently providing a …

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