https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdzP9gQsJsk. The main idea of this server is to be like how minecraft classic freebuild servers were. With a pretty small world, so every one is closer together, a bedrock wall for pixel art, a water way grid for transport & dividing the islands, and a small bedrock spawn …

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Minecraft cryptocurrency

Seems like cryptos and gaming have a bright future ahead! by beltane There is a new Bitcoin Minecraft Server that just opened up!!! Looks good so far! check it out!!! BitcoinCraft 104. Bitcoin. The idea was brilliant and upon its launch, many people liked the idea and the platform quickly grew to Minecraft …

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This week at Morse Institute Library

The Morse Institute Library will be hosting a Living Library event on April 14, and we are looking for some Living “Books” to participate! A Living Library is an event that is based on the idea that every person has a story to tell. Participants can borrow living “books” for short intervals to have real, engaging …

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Muted! but can’t tell your friends that you are! what to do?!

I can defenitley agree with you this would be an awesome addition to the Server because when someone gets in and they’re not messaging you and you type in /friends list/friend list what ever one you use. It shows if they’re muted great Idea! -Have A Great Day! Call_Meh_Cookie. | My Wall | · | Forums |.

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