Minecraft says cannot connect to

17 Feb 2016 We can’t tell you how many times we’ve done trouble shooting for Minecraft only to have the person say “Oh hey, some Firewall box popped up but I just hit cancel”. « Last Edit: I might add he is using hamachi and hosting a minecraft server on the same machine. We are using the same …

Minecraft VPS Hosting via Minecraft says cannot connect to.


Brand new Vanilla Server!

Hey guys! I’m hosting a server on my new gaming desktop. It will be running 24/7. The domain is pvpcraft.farted.net. There is currently a spawn point, but the game mode is survival and everything is set. I would like to build this into a serious server with towns and multiple worlds, but I’m still learning the …

Minecraft VPS Hosting via Brand new Vanilla Server!.


‘Staff Recruitment’ in Services & Recruitment

Hey, Title says it – I think a section for staff recruitment should be added to the ‘Services & Recruitment’ section. This section doesn’t only have to be specifically for minecraft server staff but also hosting staff recruitment etc.. I’m just asking for a generalised Staff Recruitment section where I could go to and …

Minecraft VPS Hosting via ‘Staff Recruitment’ in Services & Recruitment.