How to unban yourself from a minecraft server

You cant unban your self from a minecraft server also wrong section . Hey guys i have found a program that some 1 has made and i wanted 2 share it with u all it comes up as a virus but it will because it is a hacking program ha. Bad Minecraft Server List SiphMC.net – This server has one of the worst staff …

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25565 minecraft

25565 minecraft. Quick checklist:-Are you guys using regular or LAN IPs?-Firewall’s cleared for Minecraft?-If you’re the one hosting, you need port 25565 (unless you changed default MineCraft Server Online! Top MineCraft server IP list. O. YoFuzzy3. go-craft. 9. ID #25565: Registered by: sakura12103 …

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Minecraft movecraft airship server

[Skylands|Airships we run Minecraft servers for over a year! Type "/movecraft types" to see other airship types. By using our site you can easily find the appropriate minecraft server for the game. Resize; Like. Rating Minecraft servers with plugin movecraft. Hey guys im really bored and have looked all …

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Requesting – So I bought a server by accident….

I’ll keep this simple. I managed to buy a server by accident. No. Not a minecraft server, a full on server ( it’s at my house ) can you guys tell me what it’s worth? What could I sell it for? I know some guys here own hosting companies. It has 2 dual PSUs ( redundancy I suppose ) , 16GB DDR3 Ram, a 4 core, …

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