Need New Hosting for my Server Network

I need a someone to host my server network since the last guy who was hosting it was in a car crash a month ago and i don’t really know what’s happened after that. The server we use to have was hosted within microsoft with a 1Gb/s download speed and a 8ms ping. I know that we won’t be able to get …

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People doing fake MVP+ Giveaways.

Well, a guy named ‘ZeecoYT’ that’s his IGN as well. Well he has 150 subscribers, and he was doing a MVP+ giveaway and the giveaway winner didn’t exist as a minecraft user, because I always like to look at who won, just in-case, and well I found out that the giveaway winner didn’t even exist as a real …

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Best FREE Ways to Host A Minecraft Server!

Have you ever wondered, aw man…. That guy is able to host a server, but I don't have any money, how could I? Well, here's something for you! This is the Best Free ways to host a Minecraft server! Enjoy! ( This is in no specific order of which is best because they are all better than the other in some way. ) …

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