Hydra Factions

400$ PAYPAL FTOP REWARD. 2. Mostly friendly staff. 3. Owner (myself) is active (17 hours perday). 4. Grade period is ending in 1 day. 5. Custom Terrain. 6. KOTH’s. 7. Server restarts every 24 hours to keep it lagless. 8. Running on Dedicated server to have the best gameplay. Hopefully you will enjoy : …

Minecraft VPS Hosting via Hydra Factions.



Freebuild server, currency, home teleports, and more! New server, with the current 1.12.2 minecraft version. Fun server with cool people, and friendly mods. Large map, and was created in the beginning of Febuary 2018. We are looking to create a good, family friendly community for people of all ages.

Minecraft VPS Hosting via Teek’s.