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Jan 28, 2014 . It’s kinda dumb, ill be honest with you, but you can have 10 max players on the server, BUT if its just you and 1 other friend (obviously thats 2 in total) and. .. being COMPLETELY free, and of course something like that is gonna have limitations, so stop looking for free server hosting 24/7 for …

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Plugin help – Server Support

Hello, first of all i will sorry for my bad english, and i hope i posted in the correct forum.. :) (it’s ok if a admin is moving this post). Okay, let’s start.. So me and my friend purchased a new server. We installed these plugins: EssentialsX – EssentialsChat – PermissionsEx… But when we prefix and giving …

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Looking for builders on minecraft server

Looking for builders on minecraft server (1.12.2). 1 emerald 0 replies 1 view | started about 24 hours from now by Xeon_Legend. Hello me and my friend are hosting a minecraft server and we need builders to help us build. IP: ThotCraft.mcpro.co. Owners, Netgunner, Xeon_Legend. Posted by. 2521814.

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Minecraft srv record namecheap

Chrome is I am hosting a Mineraft server on the port 25601 and because I didn’t want users to have to type the port in, I made a SRV record in my DNS settings so that minecraft. My “friend” had this setup, where he didn’t have to pay for a dedicated service, but people could connect using “play. com with …

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Minecraft server operation timed out hamachi

I know that this is a somewhat common problem but I still can’t solve it with none of the solutions that exist i hope someone here can help me. when I try to connect to my friend’s server in minecraft it gives me this” java net connectexception connection timed out no further information” and I have no idea …

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Hello all, My name is SuperiorCmd. I am the current owner of CerberusPvP, along side another good friend. We have a good budget to use. CerberusPvP has to do with an upcoming network that will be created slowly and surely making sure every little aspect works before releasing fully. The network …

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