Optimize load balancing for a hybrid cloud architecture

If you use your own load balancers, you must supply the connection to a new instance of the load balancer if the old instance fails. Virtualization, in any form, promotes scalability. As container orchestrators, such as Kubernetes, and other hosting tools improve, we can expect to see more load-balancing …

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Back to Basics Part 6 — Using the ip command in GNU/Linux for beginners

However, as soon as you start delving into any form of server/sysadmin work, be it web hosting, or even just hosting a Minecraft server for you and your neighbour, you can quickly start tumbling down the networking rabbit hole; so learning the basics of ip as well as other tools like netstat or its …

Minecraft VPS Hosting via Back to Basics Part 6 — Using the ip command in GNU/Linux for beginners.


MindCraft Modded, Flans mod Server

Hello guys I will be hosting a flans mod server. Hours Server will be open from 5 00 PM PDT to 8 00 PM PDT. On weekends it will be open form 10 AM PDT to 8 PM PDT. This may change. Before you join the server download the flan content packs from and open it. Put the files in your flan folder in…

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Dns for minecraft server

Minecraft Server Hosting VULTR Global Cloud Hosting – Brilliantly Fast SSD VPS Cloud Servers. com is a service to form a bridge between public Minecraft Servers and Minecraft your server on the list (eg. Find the best Minecraft DNS techpack servers on Minecraft Multiplayer Dec 30, 2011 · Here I can …

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