Hampton History Museum collecting boxes, cardboard, recyclables for May 19 ‘Build the City’ event

Hampton History Museum is hosting “Build the City: Minecraft Madness!” where attendees will use cardboard boxes to replicate buildings in downtown Hampton, like this model of CIty Hall. The event was inspired by the popular video game Minecraft. (Courtesy Hampton History Museum / Courtesy …

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Great Valley Event Offers Activities, Raffles, Books, Minecraft

MALVERN, PA – Kindergarten through eighth grade students in Great Valley School District have an exciting event coming up that may not seem like its educational as it will feature lots of hands-on activities and even include Minecraft. Great Valley Middle School is hosting the “Learning EDventures” …

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[Anni Event] Kit Overload · —-===========—- – KIT OVERLOAD – Hello Annihilators, We’ll be hosting our second Kit Overload event on anni this weekend. This will start… Thread by: TheCatsKing, 22 minutes ago , 0 replies, in forum: Events. Showing results 1 to 1 of 1. Your name or email address:.

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This week at Morse Institute Library

The Morse Institute Library will be hosting a Living Library event on April 14, and we are looking for some Living “Books” to participate! A Living Library is an event that is based on the idea that every person has a story to tell. Participants can borrow living “books” for short intervals to have real, engaging …

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Minecraft VPS Hosting via [email protected]:~$ screen -r mctest at net.minecraft.server.ThreadSer.


Murder Mystery Horse Race!

Me (DatGuy7602) and Balt are going to be hosting an event in Murder Mystery on Hypixel. The event will be a horseback race on a certain Wild West map on the game Murder Mystery. Each player will get a horse with gold (including the murderer and detective) and wait at the place selected by the hosts …

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