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I am a representative of R00tHost. We are one of the cheapest hosting on the net. Join our discord https://discord.gg/5Ky5fM Our Store https://r00thos…

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HIGH FPS GROUP GUILD Hi, and I would like to announce my new “High FPS Group” Guild. In this guild we can play all hypixel games. Mainly, bedwars and skywars. We will have a discord (still working on it), as well as I’m gonna be hosting bedwars games, skywars games, and even some Fortnite, …

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[Discord Server Idea] !discordrules and !serverrules

Hello everyone! The other day, I was helping someone on MCC’s Discord Server. The player asked me if I could. Give him a direct link to MCC’s Server Rules, and there was no command for it. The only command that it’s available nowadays is the “!rules/!ptrules/!regras” which are only related to the …

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Ftb revelations server

IOException: An established connection was aborte [IMG] Our FTB Revelation server is now open and you can get it from the FTB Legacy launcher or Twitch launcher. craftau. com Welcome FTB:Revelation to the family. 2 Minecraft Server FTB Revelations now online !!!! for more info follow us on discord …

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