Requesting – Looking for a WINDOWS VPS! $15/month

Hello! So I am currently paying for a server for my GTA V server and currently pay $11.95. I am looking for a host for a Windows VPS so I can host my main server and a test one. $15 is the max that I will spend. I need it with decent specs, up to 3GB of RAM would be nice, and about 40-50GB of storage.

Minecraft VPS Hosting via Requesting – Looking for a WINDOWS VPS! $15/month.


Minecraft premade factions server

Minecraft premade factions server. This map gives owners a decent spawn servers. I’m looking for a premade factions server with permissions and ranks already setup, as well as a shop setup in spawn This is “Pre-Made Minecraft Factions Server Download! (1. 0 is and will be allowed on our and …

Minecraft VPS Hosting via Minecraft premade factions server.