I am looking for guidance and help with looking at moving to a VPS

I am currently running a minecraft server and its going well and as I get closer to the end of my subscription with the current host I am thinking I may want to move to a VPS to have more control and storage space. There are lots of servers out there but what I don;t know is what to get for storage space, ram …

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Pride minecraft server

The following will be reset: The current worlds will be reset so you will have a fresh new world with a 25000×25000 world border; The end world will be reset; The netherworld will be reset; The ranks bought with *in-game* money will be reset; Inventories CloudCraft Minecraft Server. About: Pridepvp was …

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Freebuild server, currency, home teleports, and more! New server, with the current 1.12.2 minecraft version. Fun server with cool people, and friendly mods. Large map, and was created in the beginning of Febuary 2018. We are looking to create a good, family friendly community for people of all ages.

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Hello all, My name is SuperiorCmd. I am the current owner of CerberusPvP, along side another good friend. We have a good budget to use. CerberusPvP has to do with an upcoming network that will be created slowly and surely making sure every little aspect works before releasing fully. The network …

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