Mineserver corporation

I’ve known people at Microsoft since the company was two years old so it was easy to reach out for Mar 18, 2016 Minecraft server software is free, Mojang makes its money (lots of money) from client licenses, so they and Microsoft ought to want third-party hardware like ours to be successful. [hide]. ssh …

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Any cheap ddos protected vps near germany?

So i wanna buy a VPS M SSD from Contabo to run 2 minecraft servers(one for production and one for testing/beta) and a website for them but from what… … VAT it’s 5 euro/month. So is there a hosting company in Europe that has a VPS cheaper than 5 euro/month and have pretty good ddos protection?

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Future Hosting Company

It’s going to be a minecraft hosting company fortunately my knowledge in other games will allow me to host cs-go servers etc… with my knowledge I can ensure 100% high quality support with the services I offer.. I also have a group of friends who have been with me since day one which will also ensure …

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Elusive Hosting

Do you guys need a hosting company? Join this Discord: https://discord.gg/Ja6tcQP. Elusive Hosting is a private hosting company meaning we will only sell to a few users. PM @Braytex#6240 or SirPanda#2350 in Discord to buy a server, All servers come with 20gb ssd that can be updated upon …

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