Info Creative Plot Building Contest

Hello everyone! The Community Events Team is hosting a Creative Plot Building contest and we want to know what you guys think! We would love to have some cool plots by our spawn at Creative. Currently, all of the plots around the Creative spawn are being reserved. All of the quality builds that are …

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Mineserver minecraft

3 ) apk available. tld) to your Minecraft server Home · News; Info. Create account. Join a community, not a server. To do this, you edit the Minecraft server. Android App by BEEDEV Free. 29 Sep 2015 Mineserver LLC is raising funds for Mineserver™ — A $99 Home Minecraft Server on Kickstarter! The first …

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Warning! CuriousFriend Impersonator!

I gather here, at my trusted community to talk about an issue within Factions. I do not know how severe this is, but it is pretty bad. One map ago, someone by the IGN of ‘wo1fpacks’ insided my faction. We kicked his sorry ***, and now he was gone. Then the new map came around, and things started to …

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Top 3 Best Minecraft Hosting Companies 2017

Since a last few years gaming industry has grown vastly all across the globe and Minecraft is the giant of the industry. I just wonder the creators of the game would have ever thought of this vast growing gaming industry. In the year 2009, after the launch of this game the entire gaming community was …

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