Looking for simple minecraft hosting

As a sort of father’s day treat for myself and my kids, I am interested in getting a low-cost Minecraft server. I anticipate this just being used by myself, my kids and maybe a few of my son’s school friends. My son is always asking about Minecraft mods which I have found a pain to deal with, so a service that allows easy “one click” mod installation is a bonus. Lastly, I would ideally like to use a server on the West Coast of the US as we are in Seattle. Thanks!

Minecraft VPS Hosting via Looking for simple minecraft hosting.


In need of 4GB Minecraft or VPS Server for around 15$-20

Hi Guys! My friend and I are wanting to play a Custom Modpack and we would like a 4gb system to run it. We have looked around everywhere for a good Minecraft or VPS host, but they are all so expensive. We are looking for something around 15-20$ but will negotiate on the price. We look forward to hearing back! Thanks!
PS. We would like it to be on the East Coast or in Midwest US.


Minecraft VPS Hosting via In need of 4GB Minecraft or VPS Server for around 15$-20.