Requesting – So I bought a server by accident….

I’ll keep this simple. I managed to buy a server by accident. No. Not a minecraft server, a full on server ( it’s at my house ) can you guys tell me what it’s worth? What could I sell it for? I know some guys here own hosting companies. It has 2 dual PSUs ( redundancy I suppose ) , 16GB DDR3 Ram, a 4 core, …

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Server tags for levels

Many people on this server don’t have the money to buy ranks and don’t have any tags except for ‘Rookie’, which i find unfair. I was thinking as well as having rank tags for some, that we could have some for the level that you are aswell, like for every hundred people you get a different name thing, not …

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Any cheap ddos protected vps near germany?

So i wanna buy a VPS M SSD from Contabo to run 2 minecraft servers(one for production and one for testing/beta) and a website for them but from what… … VAT it’s 5 euro/month. So is there a hosting company in Europe that has a VPS cheaper than 5 euro/month and have pretty good ddos protection?

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