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>>41604220. Agreed. I remember the Land o Feels server lasted about 6 good months, and while there was a bit of abuse of power from the admin, it was a fun time. If it has raiding, then it will attract normies more than if it didn’t. >> Anonymous 12/06/17(Wed)13:42:51 No.41604713. Anonymous …

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Hey hosting guys lol. I know this is a bit of a weird offer, but perhaps once of you guys will be intrested. I currently own the website https://listmc.org. . I’m looking to get minecraft hosting for a server, I’m exchange for a banner ad on my website. The website is currently getting between 50-100 views / day, …

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Do I pay for a minecraft server by month/year etc? Or do I get the server with just one big payment? This is probably a very stupid question but I don’t see the per month next to the prices. You can select the payment period on the order page – I’ve modified it a bit so it’s more clear now. Unfortunately we …

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